Riverview mother and son spend free time giving diapers to families

A Riverview mom and her little masked hero are driving the streets of Hillsborough County, looking for citizens in need of help. Kathryn Lemery Santos and her son aren't fighting crime. Instead, they're lifting spirits and spreading goodwill, one diaper change at a time.

The sign on their minivan says it all: The Diaper Van. 

Several days a week, Santos and her son, sometimes disguised as Spiderman, park at different locations around town to hand out diapers to anyone who needs them.

“Anybody with a baby or a child knows that there’s two basic necessities: Diapers and food,” said Santos.

Santos says struggling families should not have to make choices based on those needs. That's why she started The Diaper Van.

“There’s no questions asked. I don’t ask ‘Do you have a child?’ I don’t ask any questions because, people are generally kind and honest people, and they take what they need and go on,” said Santos.

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At first, Santos was buying the diapers herself. Through the power of social media and the community, she is getting donations from all over. She set up an Amazon wishlist and says donations are constantly being delivered at her home.

“Nobody does stuff like this,” said Jaqueline Boles, a mother of four who recalled feeling surprised when she first heard about The Diaper Van.

LINK: To view The Diaper Van's Amazon wishlist, visit https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1Y8V9VAZYCCRO.