Robbery suspect takes plea deal in shooting

It takes only 90 seconds for two armed gunman, wearing masks to storm in and rob the Speedy Select in Riverview.

As one armed robber heads out the door he fires one shot at the clerk, barely missing him.

Now one of those suspects, Jarren White, is pleading guilty in court to attempted murder in the second degree and armed robbery.

The 21-year-old is taking a plea deal that will send him away to prison for years.

Prosecutors say the surveillance video is their best piece of evidence. In the video, you see the clerk pull out his wallet and hand it to the gunman, along with $200, prosecutors say.

As the two cleaned out the register, White decided to shoot at the clerk, and prosecutors say the bullet hit the wall behind the clerk.

That decision had him facing a mandatory life sentence, but now with this deal, he could be out of prison in his early thirties.