Safety Harbor father ditches daily grind for business built on ‘daddy dawgs’

Every day is Father's Day for one Safety Harbor restaurant owner. It's even in the establishment’s name, Daddy Dawgs.

Daddy Dawgs is a family-owned-and-operated hot dog joint on State Road 580 in Safety Harbor.

"I was driving home one day and there was a hot dog cart for sale, so I had made a joke to my wife," shared William Booser, owner of Daddy Dawgs. "I own an insurance marketing company, so I thought I maybe just should sell that, do something a little easier like sell hot dogs on the side of the road."

Maureen, Booser's wife, suggested he sell their kid's favorite food, ‘Daddy Dawgs’. ‘Daddy Dawgs’ are hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough with cheese.

"It would be interesting if we opened a little hot dog stand or hot dog store somewhere, so found this place in Safety Harbor," Booser explained.

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Since its opening in 2015, the Chicago-style dog has become a bestseller. In 2022, the restaurant introduced a 2-foot-long ‘Monster Dog’ that's served on a baguette roll and includes 24 toppings.

Booser's twin sons, Brandon and Tyler, have worked at the restaurant since it opened. His daughter Bailee also helps out when possible.

"Sometimes it can be very rewarding. It could also be very challenging working with your family," shared Brandon.

"A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to work with their families," said Tyler.

Booser enjoys having his wife and kids at Daddy Dawgs. He said they handle most of the customer service and know customers by name and their usual orders.

"It’s really nice being the dad here," added Booser.

Daddy Dawgs also sells ice cream and other desserts.

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