Sarasota café specializes in local chocolates, local flavors

Fine chocolates don't really grow on trees, but it might seem like it at one Sarasota chocolate shop. That's where Morag Reid, the owner and master chocolatier, creates award-winning bonbons and truffles inside Banyan Tree Chocolate and Café. 

"I like to say we sell it 20 feet from where it’s made. To me, that’s what we are all about and we are the only chocolate shop in Sarasota that makes everything on-site," said Reid.

She describes her chocolate-making as traditional European with an American style. She uses tempered organic, fair-trade chocolate.

"I like to pair that with local flavors and work with local businesses, incorporating their products into my truffles and bonbons," shared Reid. 

The result is the kind of tasty treats you’d find in a European fine chocolate shop.

In addition to bonbons and truffles, Banyan Tree offers just about everything you can imagine dipped in fine chocolate: pretzels, graham crackers, Oreos, and marshmallows to name a few. 

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