Sarasota Co. deputies arrest 15 in shoplifting bust

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For three days, deputies with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office worked to crack down on shoplifters. 

They arrested 15. 

Deputies showed FOX 13's Kimberly Kuizon some examples of what they look for during these busts.

Surveillance cameras captured a woman walking down an aisle of Walmart. She appears to be on a shopping trip, but deputies with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office said it's anything but that. 

"It's more of a nonchalant thing. They try to keep an eye out of who is paying attention especially at the front of the stores," explained Lt.Daniel Tutko. 

As she's confronted by a loss prevention employee, she takes off. 

"He tries to detain her. She pushes the shopping cart toward him and takes off running out the store," said Lt.Tutko. 

The woman, identified as Suzanne Kehoe, runs right into a deputy and is placed in handcuffs. Inside her cart, deputies found leggings, gloves, a jacket and a chocolate drink she never paid for. 

It's a scenario that played out over and over again. 

"It runs the gamut, from cat food to bikes to clothing to drinks. Really, it’s all ends of the spectrum," said Tutko. 

Denise Kuegler, a first-time offender went through the self-checkout at Sam's Club and didn't ring up any of her $124 worth of merchandise. 

Others like Kehoe have a long record. 

Those arrested during this sting have a combined 371 prior charges. 

"They're still out on the streets and committing these crimes and they’re not getting it. They still think they can get away with it in today’s day and age," said Lt.Tutko. 

As store owners, like Panache's Darci Jacob, prepare for the holiday rush, images like these leave her shaking her head. 

"I wouldn’t do it to anybody else. Why would they do it to me/ I work very hard to make this successful," she said. 

Deputies said holiday or not, they'll be keeping a close eye on customers up to no good. 

"We are not going to tolerate. We are out there, we are looking and we are going to put you in jail if you commit a crime," said Lt.Tutko.