See Through Canoes offer new view of what's below the water's surface

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The Bay Area is known for dozens of amazing activities, but one experience will let you see Tampa Bay in a whole new way. 

A group of entrepreneurs decided to open a business that turns canoeing into something truly special. See Through Adventures rents fully transparent canoes, allowing a 360-degree view of your surroundings -- including down.

The owner of See Through Adventures, Mark Freels, takes his customers on tours or lets them explore the waters of the bay and the gulf on their own. 

“We get to see manatee and dolphins every day,” Freels told FOX 13's Dan Matics. 

And it's an up-close sight, with many of the bay's most majestic creatures swimming under the canoe, and right under the canoeist's feet.

FOX 13 reporter Dan Matics went out with See Through Adventures on Tuesday and witnessed a manatee swim underneath his transparent canoe.

“Customers are totally amazed that they got to have an experience that they never had before,” Freels said.

Michael McCarthy owns See Through Canoes, which is the company that manufactures the canoes.

“You never see what’s going to go under you. That’s the best thing about it,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy says the canoes are molded from a high-quality plastic and are extremely durable.

See Through Adventures offers tours in Tampa Bay, around Fort De Soto, and in waters off Manatee and Sarasota counties. There are even nighttime tours with lit canoes so you can see the mysteries under the waters after the sun goes down.

For tour times and information, visit or See Through Adventures on Facebook.

To purchase a See Through Canoe, visit or visit See Through Canoes on Facebook.