Seminole Heights store creates free food pantry for pets

During the coronavirus pandemic, the country has seen a resurgence of support for local businesses, many of which are struggling to stay alive. 

Now one local business in Seminole Heights is returning the favor by helping pet owners in their neighborhood. 

Kendra Conze, owner of Health Mutt, said she noticed many of her customers were losing their jobs. Seminole Heights is filled with small businesses, restaurants and bars: the kinds of businesses hit hardest by the pandemic.

"We knew we had to help when we started hearing stories about customers not able to provide for their pets," Conze explained.

That’s why she opened a community pet pantry in front of the store at 6116 North Central Ave. A sign on top of the pantry encourages pet owners to take what they need, free of charge, and leave what they can. 

A variety of wet and dry food is available for both cats and dogs. "If you need it, we have it,” Conze said. “No questions asked.” However, Conze does encourage donations.