Several Tampa businesses ticketed for breaking mask rules

Tampa code enforcement officers began inspecting businesses Thursday evening to make sure they are abiding by the stricter mask orders adopted by the HIllsborough County Commission.

Immediately following the Hillsborough County Commission decision Wednesday, patrons are no longer allowed to stand at bars, restaurants, or nightclubs while eating or drinking. They must be seated.  Also, you can no longer stand on dancefloors.

After dozens of inspections Thursday and Friday night, Tampa Police code enforcement officers issued seven citations; all of which had to do with employees not wearing masks.

"They had them off, they didn't have them, so as soon as we go in, that's the first thing that we see, we take a picture of it so we can actually prove it, then we go and talk to the management," said Jack Ciucio, a senior code enforcement officer for the city.

Most of the businesses that were inspected are complying with the rules.

An executive order handed down by Governor DeSantis in September does not exempt businesses from local mask mandates.