She collapses 50 feet from the finish line. Watch what happens next.

Army Capt. Sarah Cudd had made it this far. She wasn't giving up now.

And her amazing show of strength and perseverance is now inspiring millions across the Internet. Video posted to Facebook shows her exhausting finish to a grueling 12-mile road march.

With help and encouragement from the soldiers and officers near the finish line, she endures the pain.

For a moment, it looked as though she would quit. She would not be alone. The march is the final step required in obtaining the Army's Expert Field Medical Badge, the Washington Post reported. Less than 25 percent of people who try ever finish.

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Near the finish line, Cudd is visibly drained – resting on her hands and feet. Her fellow soldiers try desperately to encourage her up. Fifty feet from the finish line, she uses her rifle to pull herself to her feet. She walks a few more feet, and then falls to the ground again.

Finally, she rises to her feet and finishes the race. She is one of just 20 percent of the soldiers who finished April 27 in Fort Dix, N.J. The Post reports that she earned her badge.