Sheriff: Pasco man shot, killed wanted "suicide by cop"

A Pasco man was shot and killed by deputies early Monday after allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend and charging at deputies with a knife, authorities say.

The situation unfolded overnight and into the early morning hours after deputies responded to a domestic abuse call located on the 5200 block of Blue Jay Drive in Holiday at 8:55 p.m. Sunday. According to the Pasco County Sheriff, they were told the suspect was armed and "wanted to harm law enforcement." 

Officers say the man was acting with the intent to force officers to shoot him. 

The victim was a pregnant female. She did not suffer any serious injuries and was removed from the home safely. 

The suspect barricaded himself in the bathroom of the residence, reportedly telling officers that he refused to be arrested and "a cop will have to kill him."

Hostage negotiators spent over two hours speaking with the man in hopes that he would surrender himself peacefully, but were unsuccessful. Attempts were made to coax the armed suspect out of the house using tear gas, and even a robot, all of which failed. 

SWAT teams entered the residence, when the sheriff says the suspect charged at deputies with a knife, causing officers to tase, then shoot him when the tasing proved "uneffective." 

Medics attempted life saving procedures, but the man died on the scene. 

"His actions dictated our reactions in this situation,"  stated Sheriff Nocco during a press conference early Monday, "We wanted a peaceful resolution; he did not." 

The sheriff said the suspect "wanted suicide by cop," according to his girlfriend. She also told officers that he had been drinking since 4 p.m. Sunday. 

Names of the suspect and victim have not yet been released, but Pasco County Sheriff says the suspect had a lengthy criminal history with felonies dating back to 1998. 

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