Skeletal remains found under mobile home in Gibsonton

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Crime scene investigators are searching for answers after a maintenance worker discovers skeletal remains under a mobile home in Gibsonton Wednesday.

Mike Abiva was doing routine maintenance in the BullFrog Creek Mobile Home Park. Specifically, he was checking for leaky pipes, when he stumbled upon what he first thought was a Halloween prank but later realized was no joke.

“I was laying down looking for the pipes… and the whole body was in there. I rushed back to the office and let my managers know I found something you can even imagine,” Abiva told FOX 13 News.

He tried knocking on the home owner’s door, but no one answered so he called 911.

“I was shocked. I’ve never found something like that. I’ve found dead animals before but not a human being under a trailer,” he said. “I was shaking because I had never seen anything like that in my whole entire life.”

Throughout the day, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office investigators could be seen removing several items from the home, including a large mattress and a couch.

It’s still unclear how long the remains have been under the home.

Neighbors said a man in his twenties lived in the home, but he was reported missing seven months ago and hadn't been seen since.

The sheriff’s office, however, isn’t confirming any connection between the missing persons case and the death investigation.