Soldier's family reunited with his photo album

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Earlier this month, in a pile at a St. Petersburg thrift shop, an old photo album was found.

Black and white photos, newspaper clippings, and yellowed greeting cards were inside the album, along with photos of a soldier and a newspaper clipping with his name on it.

After reaching out to FOX 13 and a few phone calls later, FOX 13's Kellie Cowan found the family of the soldier who had enlisted in the Army back in 1951. Private First Class Robert Ogilvie had passed away more than a decade ago, but his family was located in Maryland.

It turned out, that's where Kellie Cowan was headed for the Thanksgiving holiday, so she brought Ogilvie's wife Jackie and his son, also named Robert, the album.

They met in Maryland the day after Thanksgiving. "Thank you so much!" Jackie said as she received the album. "It means a lot to us," she said, tearfully.