Soundwaves become ‘lovewaves’ as Bay Area couple turns personal voice recordings into works of art

A Bay Area couple uses the soundwaves of personal messages customers send them and print them out as works of art.

“Lovewaves is a website where you can upload a video or an audio message and we will print it out into a soundwave art print,” explained Ben Bradley, co-owner of Lovewaves.

Alessa Bradley says they got the idea for Lovewaves after her husband framed their favorite saying to each other for a Valentine’s Day gift. Their friends and family loved the idea so much, they decided to create a business and see where it would go.

“Ever since then it has just really been something we love seeing in our home so we decided it would just be a great time during all of this craziness, to launch something that would just be full of love and memories for people,” Alessa Bradley said.

Ben Bradley says it’s fun to see all of the different types of recordings they receive.

“It’s really, really sentimental and there’s funny stuff and silly stuff,” he said. “There are so many different things that you can turn into a Lovewave.”

Alessa Bradley says it’s all about the memories.

“The whole point of starting this business is to make sure that everyone has a memory of a loved one in their home,” she explained. “And that just makes us really excited that we can fill someone’s house with love.”

The entire process takes about 24 hours. If you’re interested, you can find them online at or