Spooky home decorations go viral in Pasco County

One Pasco County family's Halloween display is turning heads in the community and online. The Jarabek family put out a skeleton display at the beginning of the month and it has been nothing less than amazing, according to neighbors.

To keep things fresh, the skeletons have been enjoying a new look or activity every single day.

"My husband and I, we put out son to bed at 8:30 p.m. and we head out the garage door, and we hang out here and just have a great time," said Bob Jarabek.

With no specific plan in mind, the couple chooses props from their garage to decorate the skeletons. In about an hour, the display is ready for those eagerly waiting for the next surprise theme.

"It’s just been fantastic, the love from the neighbors," said Jarabek.

Neighbors dazzled by the display have tweeted about it, and even Buzzfeed has showcased the home in an article.

While the couple is excited to see their project go viral, they said they aren't in it for the fame.

"The skeletons will be gone after October, but the memories are there, and when people come by and drive by, and we're getting in and out of our car, or working in our yard, the same energy stays, and so there's your payback."