SPPD crane accident blamed on operator

We are learning more about what caused a crane to collapse yesterday in St. Pete.  It happened at the construction site of the new St. Pete police headquarters.

Webcam video shows the crane losing its balance and tipping over at the construction site, sending workers running for their lives as dust billows up.

The president of Ajax Construction says the operator made the mistake of running the crane with a load that was too heavy.

Friday, at a ceremony to celebrate the halfway mark for the new police station, the accident was brought up.

"Yesterday we had an error in judgment by one person that caused the incident,” admitted Bill Byrne. “We are very fortunate that no one was hurt, but, we are using that as a reminder that you have to be very, very careful when you're on a construction site."

OSHA is continuing to investigate.

It's unclear if that worker is still on the job.