St. Pete bathroom specialists help solve tissue shortage

A Pinellas County business found an effective way to help with the toilet paper shortage. Their commitment to helping their fellow man is what's right with Tampa Bay.

Martie Nelson checked Walmart, Publix, and Winn-Dixie, trying to buy the coveted toiletry.

"Everywhere, it can't be found," Nelson said as she picked up four rolls from an unlikely place: Bath Masters.

Bath Masters' director of public relations, Aaron Doerges said the reason they are able to get their hands on tissue is even more unlikely: because the bars are all closed.

"[We] found one of the bar supply companies had about 20 cases left over and we cleaned them out on it," Doerges said.

Bath Masters started collecting toilet paper after finding out about the shortage.  

"Everyone who comes, we're giving them four rolls of toilet paper. We figure that's enough to get them going," said Doerges.

"We really, really appreciate this," Nelson said. "It's a wonderful service."

The company created a website where people can sign up for the free toiletries.

"We got enough here for about 500 people and frankly there are millions of people in the area," explained Doerges.

Bath Masters hopes by putting that little dent in the big problem, other businesses will follow suit.

"This is a time to come together. If you got extra toilet paper and it's something that you can spare, we definitely need it," said Doerges. 

Anyone who needs toilet tissue can visit and anyone who wants to donate can visit