St. Pete Beach appointed commissioners' seats are safe. What does that mean for expanding resorts?

A new ruling by the Pinellas County Court may have big implications for the expansions of the TradeWinds and Sirata hotels on St. Pete Beach.

Last year, after Form 6 laws took place -- forcing commissioners to share all their financials -- mass resignations led to quick appointments of new commissioners not elected by votes. Then last month, a federal judge put the Form 6 law on hold. Some members of the community wanted the appointments invalidated, but this week, the court said their seats stand.

But what does this mean for the TradeWinds and Sirata hotel expansions?

The legitimacy of the newly appointed commissioners slowed plans, but now the county court has said their seats are safe, and therefore, so is the construction.

"Certainly, we're pleased with the ruling and we were pleased with the support of the commission," said Kyle Parks, a Tradewinds Spokesperson. "Pleased that we're continuing to move forward and really excited about the next steps as far as finalizing the planning, starting to get towards the first construction, that's going to be very exciting for our team, and I think it'll be exciting for the community to see this take shape."

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‘Protect St. Pete Beach,' a group against the expansions, sent FOX 13 a statement about the court’s ruling:

"It appears that the trial court found that even if City Commissioners greatly and illegally exceed the powers vested within them by a City Charter, the legal system is powerless to enforce the plain language of the charter. We disagree with the order. First, we plan on addressing the misapprehension of fact of law with the Court. Second, to the extent necessary, we will appeal. These are serious issues that concern the rights of citizens to have a say in the operation of their government."

An attorney for the St. Pete Beach City Commission also responded, saying:

"This was a bad lawsuit from the start … Now we know filling the commission vacancies was done legally and all the decisions made by the commission since then are validated.  Plaintiffs can continue their appeal of the redevelopments and the city, its employees, and citizens can rest easy [knowing] they have a legal commission and government."

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