St. Pete business is all about fomenting fermenting

St. Pete Ferments is a fermentation company in St. Petersburg that makes wildly fermented food and beverages. 

"We let the microbes do the work in transforming ordinary vegetables into some really interesting, cool, sour fermented foods," explained owner Sarah Arrazola.

St. Pete Ferments mostly makes sauerkraut and kimchi, but their products also include beet kvass and Kombucha. "Repopulating your gut with beneficial microbes is really important," Sarah noted. 

One of her favorite parts about running a fermentation business is winning over customers who didn’t think they were fans.  "We try to change their minds, and we often do. That feels really good."

St. Pete Ferments is at the Saturday Morning Market every weekend in downtown St. Pete. Their products are also available at several retailers around the bay. 

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