Standing desks encourage healthy habits for students

Fifth-grader Emma Kalcounos said she remains focused doing work at her desk while some of her classmates fidget and look restlessly out the window as summer vacation looms. What's her secret for staying on top of things?

For Kalcounos, the answer is simple – she's never sits down. 

Kalcounos is one of the students at Belle Terre Elementary School in Palm Coast, Fla. who has been using the LearnFit, a classroom-friendly, adjustable "standing desk" developed byErgotron.

"When I sit at a regular desk to do work, I do not feel as focused. I feel the grades I have in different subjects aren't bad, but standing up helps more than sitting down – it gets the blood flowing and helps you get energy."

The desk's design is simple. It's adjustable, has wheels, which makes it easy for students to move around and collaborate on group projects, and above all, is designed to encourage healthy behavior. The simple act of just standing up has great benefits for students who spend long days mostly sedentary.

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