State abandons 2 of three charges against accused killer

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James Scott walked into court feeling good about the deal he was about to get.

Scott was facing first-degree murder, tampering with evidence and a witness, but days before the trial was set to start, prosecutor Jarod Travis offered him a sweetheart deal.

“The state will nolle pros to counts one and two," said Travis.

In other words, the state will no longer prosecute the charges of murder and tampering with a witness.

The only charge left was tampering with evidence, which the state offered 20 months in jail.

Scott took it.

Police investigators say in November of 2016, James Scott and his brother, Lewis Scott killed Evelyn Woodham and then dumped her body in a Palm River ditch.

They say the duo then set a mobile home on fire to cover up the crime.

Although the prosecutor said not all of the evidence was destroyed, “an area of blood, likely left as a result of dragging the victim across the ground, was observed from the backyard. 

While James Scott is off the hook for the murder, his brother, Lewis is not.

Nearly 21 months later, a makeshift memorial for Evelyn still sits in the same spot; a little weathered but a reminder of all the lives she touched.