Steven Lorenzo sentencing: Men who escaped confessed killer recall feeling drugged, being zip-tied

A confessed killer of two men will either be sentenced to life in prison – or death – nearly 20 years after the crime. The penalty phase for Steven Lorenzo has begun in a Tampa courtroom, and the defendant is representing himself.

After years trying to fight prosecution, Lorenzo switched gears, pleaded guilty and asked for the death penalty.

20-YEAR TIMELINE: Confessed killer Steven Lorenzo to learn his fate 2 decades after Seminole Heights double murder

The prosecution also wants to see Lorenzo get death. Now a Tampa judge will decide the outcome. 

Back in December 2003, Lorenzo and his co-defendant, Scott Schweickert, targeted gay men and used them as sex slaves. 

Prosecutors say the two drugged, tortured, and killed Jason Galehouse and Michael Waccholtz. 

Prosecutors read some of Lorenzo and Schweickert's online chats with alleged victims, which Lorenzo characterized as fantasy role play. 

On America Online Instant Messenger (AIM), Schweickert’s screen name was "masterscott." Lorenzo went by "domdudeforsub."

Lorenzo did not give an opening statement but said the prosecution’s case was made up of Schweickert’s lies. However, Lorenzo also repeated several times his desire to receive the death penalty.