Stopping the stereotype: Auto repair app shows customers the issues with their car

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Taking your car into the shop can be a stressful experience. You worry about what issues they might find and whether you’re being charged an honest price. That’s why a Ruskin auto-shop is turning to technology to save time, money and stress for both workers and customers. 

At Home Auto Care is using a software platform called “Bolt On” to establish better communication with their customers. 

“This keeps everyone honest, you actually see what the problem is,” says customer Lauri Pepper. 

Owner Julie Gale says it can counter any negative stereotypes the industry has about up-charging. 

"Bolt On" allows the auto technician to take a picture of the issue and send it to the owner of the car with a suggestion on how to fix the problem. It also keeps track of your car's maintenance history.

Gale says the app saves her time because the technician fills out charts on the app, and she can immediately see it. 

“For example, we record the dates of tires, that way it’s visible to everybody how old things are,” Gale explained. 

It uses a color-coded system to keep track of the car. Green means your good to go, yellow means keep an eye on it and red means it needs immediate maintenance. 

The app has videos for different auto issues that explain the problem for those who do not understand. 

While At Home Auto Care is ahead of the game, there are steps to be sure your auto-shop is being honest, even if they don’t have "Bolt On." You can ask for pictures of problems, look things up online to check explanations, and save notes from each visit to the shop.