String of Sun City Center burglaries being investigated

There are at least six unsolved home burglaries that have taken place between June and August in Sun City Center in Hillsborough County.  Some of the victims -- are in their 80’s.


“We’re older people we've been there and done most everything but we’re not prepared to be broken into all the time,” said resident Robert Shumate.


Shumate is a volunteer on the neighborhood patrol team.


“They’re smart we're not dealing with ordinary people they know what they're doing,” he said.


“It appears some people have been watching them leave either that or people that have access to their residents,” said Maj. Rob Bullara.


Deputies don’t think their six unsolved cases are all the work of the same person but do believe outsiders maybe to blame. 


They’re getting away with cash, jewelry and more.


“One of the issues we have down there that’s a place with a lot of foot traffic people coming in and out,” Maj. Bullara told FOX 13. 


Officials have had some success, arresting a few people including a pair of female care-givers in July.


Their work is still far from over however, they need the public’s help.


”It’s the people that live there that can tell us who are out of place,” the Major said.