Student's conflict with professor at Polk State College sets off a firestorm of controversy

A 16 year-old student who is accusing her Humanities professor of being "anti-Christian," got national coverage when she appeared on "Fox and Friends" Thursday morning.

A coalition of local churches plans to protest Polk State College in Winter Haven this weekend.

Grace Lewis, a virtual student living in Jacksonville, carries a 3.9 grade point. One of her professors, Lance Rossum, just gave her 4 zeros on essays.

"I was given zeros for not agreeing with him," Lewis said on the national broadcast.

The essays were on themes such as Michaelangelo's paintings and sculptures suggesting that same sex relationships were not a sin.

"She was never asked to deny her faith," said Polk State President Dr. Eileen Holden. "Based on those facts, I support the instructor."

Holden says the point of the assignments was for students to write from another person's perspective within a certain historical context.

Not even close, according to Matthew Staver, from the Liberty Counsel, which is now representing Lewis legally.

"She simply was being belittled because this person is a militant atheist and intent on destroying her faith," Staver said on "Fox and Friends."

Lewis and the Liberty Counsel would like to see Professor Rossum fired. They are also demanding that Polk State force Rossum to write an apology, have another professor re-grade Lewis' essay, and keep a close eye on Rossum if he continues teaching.

Holden tells FOX 13, none of those things are going to happen.

"The professor is a full time professor and he will remain that, and continue to teach our students," Holden said.

The Liberty Counsel says if Polk State doesn't concede by Friday, it is going to take the issue to the next level. The organization has not said what that might be.