Students learn aquaponics through new classroom approach

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Innovative classrooms are playing a big role in helping students learn and prepare for the future.

Students at Coleman Middle School are seeing the benefits of innovation in the classroom through a new initiative called Just Grow

The 11-lesson plan brings nature into the classroom.

"Anytime you can engage the children, bring outside indoors, nature indoors, it's always exciting," their teacher, Sonya Hanks said.

The program brings a growing system called aquaponics to the classroom so students can see how the eco-system works.

Djimo Serodio started the strategy last year with five schools. He now has 25.

Students take care of fish and plants as they learn about the environment, but the ultimate goal is to add technology to the classroom.

"We also want to create versatile tools that can expose many next-generation industries to the classroom and to the teachers," Djimo said.

The curriculum is geared to help students focus on careers in technology.

"S.T.E.M. is the fastest growing industry in academia and it reflects the job sector and the careers that will be taken place with the upcoming generation," Djimo said.

More than 250 students throughout the Bay Area have been through the program.