Suspect who opened fire on former co-workers captured

A Polk County man accused of  going back to his former job and opening fire on 3 employees was arrested in Lakeland on Thursday.

Danny Thompson, Jr., is charged with 3 counts  of attempted murder and could face life in  prison.

"Once we took him into custody he made some  rambling statements about the CIA," said Polk  Sheriff Grady Judd. 

"However, he was articulate enough to know to  ask for an attorney . We wonder how much of  this is a show for our benefit or to create a  defense," Judd said.

Judd also said that Thompson talked about  Russia and spoke in Russian to one of the  deputies who just happens to speak the language.

Thompson was fired from MES GCI Corporation in  Mulberry about a year and a half ago. Two weeks ago, investigators say he came back and opened  fired at two employees and his former boss. His boss was not hit. The other two men were wounded and survived.

Thompson is expected to go before a judge in  Bartow on Friday afternoon.