Here's when Taco Bell's Mexican pizza and musical debut

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza remains a popular item and menu staple. (Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell)

The highly-anticipated return of the Mexican pizza has Taco Bell fans in a frenzy and now they’ll have an official release date for the popular menu item and a musical celebrating the delectable meal.

Taco Bell announced that the Mexican Pizza and a satirical musical about the meal will both debut on Sept. 15. The restaurant chain says customers are eligible to get their hands on a free Mexican pizza by spending $20 in orders at Uber Eats or Postmates.

An announcement about the Mexican pizza came after an interview with Taco Bell CEO Mark King, in which he shared about its "permanent" return. 

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"Mexican Pizza: The Musical" will be streamed live on TikTok at 8 p.m. ET on Sept. 15 and the performance has a 21-person cast featuring music legend Dolly Parton and Grammy Award-winning rapper Doja Cat. Parton, 76, teased the musical with an Instagram post that showed the "personal and confidential" script.

It was unclear how many songs would be featured in the upcoming musical, which was written by Hannah Friedman, Abigail Barlow, and Emily Bear. Barlow and Bear previously won a Grammy for their first TikTok production, "The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical."

Barlow and Bear teased a snippet of their "Mexican Pizza: The Musical" score, with lyrics like, "You took a slice right out of my heart."

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Didn’t Taco Bell already bring back the Mexican Pizza?

After Taco Bell cut the Mexican Pizza in November 2020, there was a continuous outcry from fans on social media.

Petitions and social media campaigns began swirling among Taco Bell fans to bring it back, including from Doja Cat who even made a plea on TikTok.

Parton also previously expressed her love for the Mexican Pizza during an interview with Insider in January. When asked whether Taco Bell should bring it back, the "Jolene" songstress replied enthusiastically: "I think they should!"

The public response was so strong that the chain eventually brought it back for a six-month run in May 2022 and even made a satirical musical about the Mexican Pizza — starring Parton, among others — to celebrate.

Shortly after the relaunch, Taco Bell said it severely "underestimated" demand and quickly sold out.

Taco Bell said in late May that it was working to restock the Mexican Pizza ingredients, and the item has been temporarily off the menu.

The Mexican Pizza is made up of two crispy flour shells, layered with beans, pizza sauce, seasoned beef, tomatoes, and a melted three-cheese blend. There is also a vegetarian version without the seasoned beef.

Taco Bell first introduced the Mexican Pizza in 1985 as the "Pizzazz Pizza," King said in a previous statement.

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