Tampa after-school program provides positive space for young girls and teens

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A Tampa organization is touching the lives of young girls and teens with innovative programming. The Centre for Girls is an after-school enrichment program creating positive change with structure and love.

"We have a heavily-concentrated program around self-esteem building and confidence building," said Sartura Shuman Smith, the club's program director. "I'm so very passionate about making sure our girls feel empowered, engaged, and that they know they too can be successful leaders and doers in their communities."

Girls between the ages of 5 and 14 can attend. The club provides programming in the areas of arts and education, health and wellness, girl empowerment and green living.

"We learn a lot of inspirational stuff, and stuff to help us grow to young ladies and stuff that helps us become better and make better decisions," said Kimali Smith. 

The club and its partners strategically increase girls' access to services and provide them with a safe place to spend time, learn skills, make friends, and interact with caring adults. The variety of programs include yoga, technology, robotics and coding.

"It has been amazing," said 7-year-old Brielle Hoover, who has been in the program for two years. "It made me more happy. I've been learning more stuff."

"Its like a vacation for me, it's a fun vacation after school," said 8-year-old Sullivan Johnson.

The Centre for Girls website says it aims to stimulate the girls' interests while building their confidence and self-esteem. So far, hundreds of girls have had a life-changing experience at the club. Keep up the good work!