Tampa area businesswoman brings farmer's markets to people with online ordering, deliveries

The economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on small businesses. 

Farmer’s market vendors, who usually rely on big weekend crowds, are struggling to sell products. But one local vendor is doing all she can to keep business alive.

Michele Northrup is known as the Saucy Queen, a local vendor who sells hot sauce. She also runs several markets in the area. Northrup sees the toll that social distancing guidelines are having on other vendors. “I have 200 vendors and right now they have zero income, many of them,” she said. 

So she came up with an idea to bring the market to the people. She is taking orders online and delivering farmers market packages to customers. They are packed with items made, or produced, by local vendors in the Tampa Bay area.  

“It benefits the consumer because they are getting fresh produce, fresh products right to their doorstep,” Northrup explained. “Right now, some people don’t even want to leave their home. So let’s bring that farmers market feel right to them.”

She offers packages for $60 and $100. Learn more and order products at https://www.saucyqueen.com/.