Tampa-based pre-teen musicians dream of world tour

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Members of a Tampa-based, pre-teen music group, Beyond Chaotic are making a good impression on the music scene.

They're walking in the foot steps of the Jonas Brothers and other kid bands. Performing is a way of life for the  members of Beyond Chaotic.

"When you get on stage, it just starts to feel magical and you just know that everything is going to go right and you are going to have a great show." 9-year-old Alex Karafilis said.

The group has been jamming together since last year. They met at a rock band camp and formed a band of their own.
"We play a variety, from Imagine Dragons to AC/DC," 12-year-old Devon Bilek said.

In their short time together, Beyond Chaotic has played at Wiregrass Mall and other venues in the Tampa bay area.

"I thought it would be kind of cool to meet other talented musicians," 10-year-old Colin Mendoza said.

The youngest member of the group, 8-year-old Kayla Mendoza got a late start with the band.

"The original keyboard player quit. So, I decided I wanted to play with the band," Kayla explained.

"I feel great. I get up on stage the crowd sometimes takes some getting use to but its fun," 11-year-old Max Karafilis said.

The band plays rock music and practices two hours, three days a week.

"It keeps you busy, I tell you that really hard work on top of school really difficult," 11-year-old Dominic Fusel said.

The group has big aspirations. They hope to go on tour and be signed with a record label.