Tampa Bay 9-year-old carries family legacy of racing that stretches back 50 years

At just nine years old, Billy Lee III, also known as "B3" to his fans, is carrying a family legacy of racing that stretches back 50 years. 

"As soon as I got into a race car I got to the point where I was like 'I'm getting used to this stuff,'" Billy remembers thinking. 

His family’s automotive shop in Palmetto is covered wall-to-wall with trophies won by members of the Lee family, and lately, Billy has been contributing his fair share of hardware to the family shop. 

"I'm honestly in awe of my kid sometimes," said Billy mother, Amy Lee. 

Back in February, Billy started out racing Bandolero cars and was quickly moved up a division for the simple fact that he was winning too much. The only thing is, the winning has continued even as Billy competes against kids that are sometimes two years older. 

"We've run 29 races this season, since he started in February, and he's won nine," said Amy. 

Now racing for Curt Britt Motorsports and running in a racing series led by retired NASCAR driver Ken Ragan, Billy isn’t just continuing his family’s legacy but charting his own. 

Next on Billy’s list is a trip to Atlanta this weekend where he’ll take part in a double feature race with some of NASCAR’s elite watching on. Billy has already won at Atlanta Motor Speedway this year and is now looking to repeat the feat. 

"It's pretty fun because every time you're on that track, your game face is on, and you're ready," said Billy. 

Now, "B3" is out to prove that his time will arrive before you know it.