Tampa Bay area grocery stores packed ahead of Hurricane Ian

Grocery stores throughout the Tampa Bay area were packed with people Monday stocking up on last minute supplies ahead of Hurricane Ian.

The parking lot at the Publix on South Dale Mabry Highway is Tampa was packed with cars as residents take Hurricane Ian very seriously. 

Riverview resident Shelley Kuhn was one of many who spent Monday loading up on hurricane essentials. She said she picked up non-perishables from the Publix all the way in Tampa. 

"My house is in Riverview, and I actually came here, because I thought these people might be evacuating and might not be storing up so much," Kuhn said.

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Some store shelves were completely empty, but the check-out line was packed full of customers. 

"I found lots of vegetables still. All the canned meats were gone. I got some canned tuna and canned chicken," Kuhn said.

Packs of bottled water were completely wiped out. Publix, like many stores, has restrictions, limiting two 24-packs or four gallons per customer. 

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Danielle Hof was one who was able to snag the last case of canned water.

"Everything is empty. Anything you are supposed to have during a hurricane isn't there. No peanut butter. No water. That was the last thing of water. I got really lucky," Hof said.

If you haven't already stock up while you still can on what you can still find. Key items to have include water in any form you can find as well as non-perishable foods like canned goods, peanut butter, cereal, granola bars, dried fruits, canned meats and canned soups.