Tampa Bay Water: Population growth means millions more gallons needed by 2028

The Tampa Bay area continues to be one of the fastest growing in the United States. But while it’s leading to a booming local economy, environmental managers are working to make sure the region can keep up with the growing demand for drinking water.

According to Tampa Bay Water, it has enough to meet the region’s demand for the next six years. Then, it will need about 10 million gallons per day of additional water to keep up.

Tampa Bay Water says it’s currently working on a feasibility study to map out potential future water sources and what new infrastructure may be necessary as more people continue to call the Bay Area home.

In the short term, Tampa Bay Water says it’s building a new booster station in Brandon to push more water to Hillsborough County’s Lithia Plant. It is also designing a new pipeline to deliver water to a new delivery point in southern Hillsborough County.

Tampa Bay Water says it is also exploring three potential long term projects - expanding their surface water plantexpanding their desalination plant, or building a new wellfield in southern Hillsborough County

Final decisions on these are expected to be made later this year.