Tampa city council members to get $20K salary boost

Tampa City Council approved a $20,000 raise in its salary, which represents a 36% boost in pay.

After a one-hour discussion at its Thursday meeting, the council voted to raise their salary to $75,190, which is expected to go into effect Oct 1.

The mayor’s office told FOX 13 that city council members are currently making around $55,000.

"Everybody keeps referring (to) this (as) a part-time job. This is not a part-time job," council member Alan Clendenin said during Thursday’s meeting.

Tampa city council approved a $20,000 pay increase.

Tampa city council approved a $20,000 pay increase. 

Council members Charlie Miranda, Luis Viera, and Bill Carlson voted against the salary boost.

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"I am not opposed to raises. I am opposed to a $20,000 a year raise. I’m not opposed to 6%, 4%, whatever the general public gets," Miranda said. "We knew what we get when you were going to run for office."

"This isn’t necessarily like a merit raise you traditionally think of," Clendenin said. "It really is a one-time adjustment."

A higher salary makes holding this position more accessible and encourages diversity, councilmember Gwen Henderson argued.

File: Money

File: Money

"It’s not just about us. It’s about the future of Tampa and who gets to lead our city and who gets to have a seat at the table," Henderson said.

Viera agreed with that sentiment but disagreed on the pay raise’s timing.

"I don’t think on principle that we should get the benefit of it," Viera said. "We pass it. Then we have an election. Then we get the benefit of it."

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Here’s how other city councils and their salaries stack up currently:

  • Sarasota: $50,308.53
  • Tampa: $55,224
  • Miami: $58,200
  • St. Petersburg: $65,000
  • Orlando:$76,291.87

City councils in both Tampa ($75,190) and St. Petersburg ($67,275) are expected to get their pay raises starting Oct. 1, the beginning of fiscal year 2025.

Councilmember Lynn Hurtak also suggested tying the council’s salary raises to those of unionized city employees.

The pay raise was approved for the current council’s term, which ends in 2027. The city council also agreed to have another discussion next year to discuss how future city council salaries should be decided.

In 2022, Tampa City Council voted against a $20,000 pay increase

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