Tampa company offers a variety of watersport experiences

Florida weather offers some of the best water year-round, and for anyone looking for some fun heading into the winter, Wakesurf Tampa has plenty of options.

The local watersport boat charter offers wakesurfing, wakeboarding, wakefoiling and tubing. Each option is a unique experience with different skill sets required. The owner, Spence Trick, said the variety is key.

"We like to customize each of our experiences toward our guests," Trick said. "They get to pick whether they want to wakeboard, whether they want to wake surf or whether they want to wakefoil."

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Wakeboarding is usually the most familiar to people. Guests are strapped to the board and pulled with a cable. It's most similar to snowboarding; for all the snowbirds ready for a challenge.

Wakesurfing is more comparable to open ocean surfing. Guests are not strapped or hanging on; instead, they must maneuver the boat-generated waves. Wake foiling is the most challenging of the three, Trick said.

"Wakefoiling is a new fad that's coming through, where you actually rise up on top of the water like you're on a plane," Trick said. "It's super neat, but that one's a little bit more tricky to get the hang of, so we like to do that for more of our advanced riders."

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Guests can do tricks after getting comfortable with handling. Visitors can also stay relaxed with a softer ride. It all depends on the skill set and experience of the rider.

"The best way to describe it is absolute bliss. It's just an incredible feeling," said Trick. "You feel like you're floating, and you're just hanging out. You kind of get in a flow state."

Wakesurf Tampa serves three locations: Clearwater Beach, Downtown Tampa and Lake Tarpon. For more information and prices, click here.