Tampa Girl Scout troop welcomes girls and women of all ages, abilities

A Bay Area Girl Scout troop is helping other girls have as much fun as they do.

Tampa's Girl Scout Troop 30276 is as diverse as the city where they live.

"We have girls from five years old through adults suffering disabilities," said troop co-leader Sheila Hill. 

Despite their differences, the group loves working as a team. 

"They like doing everything together. They don't like being split up, younger and older groups. They've always wanted things together," Hill said. "They have their own little buddies and they just follow each other and learn from each other."

"They all help each other. It doesn't matter what they're trying to do," added troop co-leader Sheryl Vannetta. 

Hill has been involved in Girl Scouts for 57 years. She remembers her days as a Girl Scout and says the experience has a lot to offer. 

"I think it teaches girls values and how to respect each other and respect the world around them, make friends, learn lessons," Hill explained. 

Vannetta has been with this troop for 22 years. She says all girls are welcome. 

For Hill, leading the Girl Scout troop brings her fulfillment. "I just enjoy it. And I like seeing the girls have fun."