Tampa man’s flair for making pens into works of art turned a hobby into a career

Jason Olsen's pens have a story to tell.

"This is the one from last year," he explained. "It's called ‘Vision from Space.’ This was all about the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing."

Olsen is the owner of Write Turnz. He makes pens with a flair for history. 

"The wood from the barrel comes from the Copa Room," Olsen shared. "The stage floor where all the big names performed back in the '50s.... What we do best is catch a moment in time. It could be a family event, historical event, something from a place, something that went to space. Raw, odd, anything." 

Olsen started making pens as a hobby 12 years ago. When he lost his job four years ago, he decided to craft pens full-time. 

"I'm very passionate about it.  I love doing it and I think that shows in my work."

That work has produced hundreds of writing keepsakes. 

"Everything here is done one at a time," Olsen continued. "Detail is of the utmost importance. It has to be perfect before it leaves here." 

Olsen uses everything from wood to materials from a 1947 plane crash in the U.K. 

"Going to find a way to turn this old aviation aluminum, copper, and casting into again a pen that tells a story," he added. 

It's a story that he takes great pride in when he sends pens to their new owners. 

"The notes you get back, it's like you know you hit the mark. You know they say, 'this is fantastic.' I couldn't ask for more." 

He's creating unique works of art that have a very special story.

LINK: For more information on Olsen's work visit www.writeturnz.com.

History, art, craftsmanship goes into every pen at Write Turnz

A Lithia-based craftsman is penning his own history with the one-of-a-kind writing instruments he creates.

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