Tampa museum exhibits, preserves the art of photography

The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts is a museum dedicated to exhibiting important photographic art.  

“We use photography in our everyday life," said Zora Carrier, executive director Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. “In the work-life, in documenting and communicating." 

The non-profit museum was founded in 2001. 

"Our focus is on preserving and exhibiting photography as an art form," Carrier said. 

FMOPA collects preserves and exhibits historic and contemporary works by nationally and internationally known photographic artists. 

"There are so many important artists that actually create in this medium and chose this medium as their voice," Carrier explained. 
Carrier said the museum is a place of tranquility.  

"The museum is a place to relax to find your mental and emotional balance maybe learn some useful information, but really just to slow down and rebound from all the stress and all the pressure that we are dealing right now."