Tampa pastor finally meets long-lost brother, and also President Trump

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It was the meeting of a lifetime. A Tampa pastor not only met his brother, but he also met the president of the United States on the same day.

Aaron Burke is the lead pastor of the Radiant Church in Tampa. About a year ago, he said his life was shaken up when he found out he had an older brother, Jeff, who is married with a 4-year-old son. 

Jeff also has an interesting job, considering he works on Air Force One.

On Tuesday, Aaron was able to meet Jeff for the first time before President Trump's rally in Tampa. Aaron was able to get a tour of the presidential aircraft. He shared images on his Facebook page of the surreal opportunity, saying meeting a sitting president has always been on his bucket list. 

"Yesterday, was just one of those days you walk around and you go, 'Man, God's grace is on my life,'" Aaron explained to FOX 13. "To think he reunited a relationship that I never knew I had and then I got to tour the most sophisticated plane in the world. It's a pretty cool thing."

Aaron says he hopes the reunion is the start to very long and special relationship with his brother.