Tampa rapper makes video for kids to promote summer reading

The Juvenile Welfare Board is looking for new ways to reach out to kids about the benefits of reading during the summer. So they teamed up with Tampa Bay rapper Corey Thornton to make a music video that shows kids having fun reading and working with their parents while they learn.

Thornton says it's the perfect match. He knows reading is the key to success and music is the key to connecting with kids.

“There is just something about the beat. It brings everybody together,” Thornton offered.

Danielle Hintz with the Juvenile Welfare Board says not all children are naturally attracted to reading.

“We hope that by having a video out there, it gets them inspired and excited," she explained.

To kick off the promotion, they handed out flash drives with the video, along with food for families at a summer break spot.

“We decided to hand out the video at the same time that food was being distributed because this is a site that people are already coming to during a challenging time with COVID-19. It’s a double opportunity to nourish both the child’s bodies and their minds,” Hintz said.