Tampa woman sponsors 125 kids in Seminole Heights for Christmas

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The hunt for a serial killer in Seminole Heights has spooked many and has kept even more away from the area.

The fear is having a big impact on the youngest and the most innocent of the community.

"Just one person can make a change. It doesn't have to be with a big group of people," explained Carolynn Smith.

Carolynn knows that first hand. Every year, you'll find her mentoring the kids at the Wilbert Davis Boys and Girls Club in Belmont and Seminole Heights.

When she recently checked in with the club's director about this year's Christmas party for the kids. In years past, generous individuals, families, and businesses have sponsored kids and provided gifts for the holiday.

But Carolynn couldn't believe what she heard.

"They usually sponsor or do something for the kids, cause there [are] 125, and she said, 'We don't have anyone,'" said Smith. 

No one had sponsored a child for a Christmas wish.

Heartbroken yet full of determination, Carolynn decided she would adopt all 125 kids herself.

She posted an emotional video on Facebook about her mission.

"I  know it's a strong calling in my life to help a lot of people, especially inner-city youth, and just people in need, in general," said Carolynn.

And she knows the holiday gifts are just part of the Christmas celebration.

She wants the kids to enjoy Santa, stockings, food, and fun activities.

She launched a GoFundMe.com page with a goal in mind to make it all happen.

But she says even if she doesn't reach that goal, she'll make sure the kids won't go without.

"Putting together this amazing Christmas wonderland for these kids, a jumpy house, it's just stuff that these kids never get. Some of these kids, it will be their only gift, " she explained.

The Christmas party is set for December 15.