Teen uses technology to protect healthcare workers on the frontline of COVID-19

Jake Judson, 13, has been using his time away from school wisely.  He's using his 3-D printer to create face masks for healthcare professionals to protect them from COVID-19.

"I've made about 200,” Judson said. “I've gone through two packs of 100 plastics film. I just thought I wanted to do a good thing. I wanted to be a part of that. So, why not help the ones who help me or help other people in the hospital." 

He got the idea from social media.

"I thought hey this is a good idea,” explained Judson. “I have a 3-D printer, so I started making them." 

His goal is to make 400 masks for medical workers.

He said, "I started my first one on Saturday. Oh, look this turned out great. I started making more from there." 

His 11-year-old sister Avery has also pitched in to help.

"It makes me feel happy,” she said. “It makes me feel good to know like we are helping. Just make a difference." 

Nurse practitioner Joel Johnson is impressed by the children's effort to help first responders.

"I think that they are incredible,” he said. “I think it takes a bad situation and turning into something very positive as certainly productive." 

Judson has a message for all his peers.

"It doesn't matter what age you are as long as you help you're doing a good thing." 

Judson and his sister both attend Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa. 

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