Teens followed and shot at after leaving mall

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Two teens were followed from the Westfield Mall in Brandon and shot at in what deputies believe was a robbery attempt. The teens weren't hit, but deputies say the suspects were very aggressive.

There was just something about them that made Daniel Johnson's 16-year-old daughter nervous.

"(She) stuffed her money back in her purse, had a feeling immediately," he said, "and kind of jokingly played it off like, 'Oh look, they're going to try and rob us.'"

When they left the mall, the teens drove to a puppy store, then to a friend's old neighborhood near Lausberg Place and Tuscanny Street.

"They made the loop in the cul-de-sac, and as they were exiting, the SUV with the two people blocked them in."

The male suspect jumped out and opened fire on the victims, deputies said. The bullet went through the car door and into the dashboard, right where Daniel's daughter was sitting.

"[It was] inches from her leg," said Johnson. "She could not be here."

Deputies are searching for a 5'10" man with tattoos who is about 25, and a 5'5" female with short hair.

"She had some trouble sleeping, anxiety and panic has kind of made her a little sick," Johnson said of his daughter. "But she put her uniform on and went to work today."

Deputies say these two would-be robbers are very aggressive given they were willing to follow these teens for an hour and a half over a few hundred dollars.