Teens help clear trees while school's out

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Justin Solomon and his friends from Tampa's Jefferson High are literally going out on a limb to help their neighbors following Hurricane Irma.

They are working together to take down a loose tree limb dangling over a neighbor's house.

They've been clearing a lot of debris around the community since the storm came through.

"I started putting posts on Facebook right after the hurricane knowing that there would be people that couldn't get outside to move the large debris," said Solomon.

Neighbors in the Country Place community were quick to take the students, who are in the JROTC program, up on their offer.

"People started slowly trickling in, putting their addresses and what they need help with," said Solomon.

"It just makes me feel good cause I enjoy helping people. It is one of the core values fo our ROTC program which is service before self," said Jefferson High student Edwin Quinones.

Theirs is a free service with high value.

"We're here until it starts raining or we run out of houses, which I don't think is likely," said Solomon.