Teens needed for COVID-19 vaccine study in Lakeland

A COVID-19 vaccine for teenagers is being tested in Lakeland. The company that is running the clinical trials, Accel Research Sites, is looking for young people who want to take part in the study.

Lakeland is one of dozens of sites across the country where the vaccine is being tested.

Nationally, the developer, Novavax, is looking to recruit 3,000 people between 12and 17 years old. Potential participants will only be allowed to take part with parental consent.

"It is two shots three weeks apart, exactly what we have experienced for the last many months," said Dr. James Andersen, the chief investigator in Lakeland.

LINK: COVID-19 vaccine distribution information in Tampa Bay area counties

Participants will be paid $300; $150 each time they receive a shot. Follow-up visits will be paid at a lower rate. The trial will last for two years.

The vaccine is the same one that Novavax has been testing out on adults. The company just submitted its findings with that group to the FDA for emergency approval for general use.

According to Andersen, the results have been promising so far.

He says people who have been vaccinated, are showing fifty percent greater immunity than those who have gotten Covid19 and recovered.

LINK: For details on the study and how to sign up, visit https://accelresearchsites.com/.