Teens rescue, resuscitate another teen near drowning

A couple of teens were enjoying their day at the pool at Carlton Arms Apartments when people began to scream.

Another teen boy was at the bottom of the pool, nearly unconscious as he struggled to get to the surface.

Jacob Serrano Soliz, 16, jumped in and got the kid out. Then, 15-year-old Justin Taylor Perez knew what to do. He was trained in CPR at Kathleen Middle School. 

Perez said he performed breathing and compressions for several minutes - and finally, the rescued teen came-to.

"I was actually very excited," Justin told FOX 13. "I was like, 'Oh my God! He is alive!'"

When Lakeland Fire Rescue arrived, they took over and flew the young man to Lakeland Regional Health.

"It's amazing," commented Lakeland Fire Rescue EMT Travis Pack, who was one of the first responders at the scene. "To be able to do that, and think under pressure, that's very mature for their age."

At Monday's city commission meeting, Justin and Jacob were given Citizen's Heroism awards. It was only the third time it has been presented.

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"I was like, I'm so proud of you!," Justin's mother, Dainelis Perez said. "I got teary-eyed."

A bit unimpressed with himself, Justin simply said, "It is nice to be [recognized] for doing something nice."