Temple Terrace club members want Confederate group to hold gatherings elsewhere

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A banquet held at the Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club was not well received by club members or residents. The Sons of Confederate Veterans held an event there a few weeks ago, but at Tuesday night's city council meeting, residents and club members said they were uncomfortable with such an event being held on city-owned property.

“I don’t feel it has a place in a country club, in which I pay dues to,” said John Nash, who mentioned he is ready to cancel his membership.

Nash and others said Sons of Confederate Veterans represents divide. They want their club, which is partially funded by tax dollars, to represent unity and equality.

However, members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans argue their organization paid to host the event there, and the group has no formal connection to the club.

“As far as I last saw, the American Constitution guarantees freedom of assembly and freedom of speech," said David McCallister, the commander of the local Sons of Confederate Veterans camp. "I question the people that want to stifle that.”

It's unclear whether the city will allow or deny the organization to host another event at the club.