Testing out 4 summertime ice cream hacks

There are all sorts of tricks on the internet about how to serve and eat ice cream. But which ones work?

We tried four of them in a little segment consumer reporter Sorboni Banerjee calls "Hack Yes or Hack No."

1. Marshmallow Magic: HACK YES!


Putting a few mini marshmallows at the bottom of a sugar cone absorbs ice cream to avoid the point getting soggy and ice cream dripping out. This one worked like a charm.

2. Cupcake Catcher: HACK YES!


Push the stick of a popsicle or ice cream bar through a cupcake wrapper like an upside-down umbrella to create a catch-basin for drips. This one worked great!

3. Ice Cream on the Go: HACK NO!


Slice a pint in half and you now have two disposable "bowls." We're not sure it really saves any time or mess because you need a really sharp knife and then have to hold a cold, slimy ice cream box in your hand.

4. "Slice" Scream: HACK NO!


To make ice cream sandwiches or ice cream cakes, you can slice the round containers and stack up the  ice cream.  You need a super sharp knife and super frozen hard ice cream to make this one work or you wind up with a pile of melted mess.