The seasons of sales

Here's the deal on deals: Sales have seasons! And knowing the calendar can save you money.

NerdWallet put together a month-by-month guide for 2017.

“We looked at year-over-year store trends and some historical data and tried to draw out some trends over when retailers discount certain products,” says NerdWallet's Courtney Jesperson.

Sometimes sales are timed with new models being introduced.  Sometimes it's tradition. Look for "white sales.”  Right now is a great time to find great bargains on bedding.

Also, retailers bank on your New Year's resolutions to get fit, luring you in with deals on bathroom scales and at-home workout equipment like treadmills.

For example, we found online prices slashed in half for ellipticals.

Winter sports gear and clothing go on sale, so buy now -- for next year's ski vacation.

“In general, you'll find a product is more expensive in its useful season and less at the very end of the season,” Jesperson continued.

Aside from Black Friday, February is a prime time to buy a new television. Best Buy, for example, offers deep discounts ahead of the Super Bowl as manufacturers present deals.

President's Day weekend is a great time to find deals on home goods and mattresses -- found discounts of up to 60 percent. They also found a 175-percent surge in tool sales during the holiday weekend, so now's the time to get your work bench in order.