The Vamps play parking lot concert in Tampa

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A local Walmart parking lot turned into a concert venue Monday night.

British pop band The Vamps flew to Tampa for the one-of-a-kind show.

The four-member group has a massive fan base in the U.K., along with millions of followers on social media. And, the U.S. is next up.

So, how does this pop sensation find its way to the Gandy Boulevard Walmart parking lot on a Monday night in September?


"I went and showed my sister. She was literally on the floor crying," said fan Rayanne Anid.

Anid is among the group of fans who braved the heat for hours, hoping to get up-close with Tristan, Connor, Bradley or James.

"Brad's kind of cute," Anid commented.

This VIP concert is the result of a contest. Walmart partnered with The Vamps. The community that searched for and shared the most back-to-school supply lists on would get a free show.
After more than 4 million votes, Tampa came out on top.
"This is the only location where the band is playing at a Walmart store," said spokesperson Molly Blakeman. "We have had customers calling in all day to the store to say 'it's too good to be true! Is it really a free concert?'"
It was true and it was free. Some fans camped out since the early morning hours. Others, like Analyse Marshall flew in from Chicago.

"I saw that and called her crying like, you have to get to Florida, you have to get to Florida," said Corinna Kline.

"Then, I went home and an hour later, bought my plane ticket," said Marshall. "Now, I'm here." Around 7:00 p.m., the van pulled up and the screams intensified.
"It's great to be here in Tampa," said band member Tristan Evans. "We have never been here before so this is our first event. It's good, thanks to Walmart. It's all good. And, fans are the best."
The guys rocked, the fans cheered, and, even those with grey hair danced the night away.

"They're really sweethearts," Kline said. "They're humble."

"It's almost like they are friends when they talk to you," Marshall said.
They've been compared to the wildly popular band One Direction. And, they could be the next big thing here in the States. Fans in Tampa got about as close as it gets.
The Vamps' new single "Wake Up" drops October 2nd. Their album comes out November 27th.